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Jeg har fått intervjue norgesaktuelle Pete Molinari, en mann med en av 2000tallets mest karakteriske stemmer!

Pete Molinari, en engelsk singer/songwriter som har fått hyllest fra mangt en musikkjournalist, til og med Bruce Springsteen hyller denne mannen. I januar og februar 2011 blir det en rekke konserter i Norge hvor det norske publikumet forhåpentligvis får øynene opp for hans talent! Jeg har fått gjøre et intervju med Pete, det kan du lese under.

(det er på engelsk, av åpenbare grunner.)

Are you looking forward to playing in Norway?

Yes of course.

You've been here before haven't you?

Yes I have.

Your music has evolved quite a bit since your debut album 'Walking Off The Map', which at least I feel is a very good singer/songwriter-ish album. Your latest album, 'A Train Bound For Glory' has this 50s rock/blues and pop feel to it. Has this been a conscious change or just natural progression?

There is always a conscious move forward but more of a continuation. I still leave room for natural progression and for things to unfold. There is nothing stronger in Art and in life altogether than Nature running its course. Something of real substance doesn't need to strive or toil. It just allows itself to unfold and becomes itself.

Your live performances have also changed quite a bit. How's it like having a band playing behind you compared to when it was just you on stage with a guitar and harmonica?

I still play Solo with an Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica and do a Solo set for certain songs. I do whatever the music requires. Whatever it takes. It comes through you and then if something needs a band or whatever instrument I have in mind I will do my best to make that thought and feeling manifest. That's the true spirit of creativity.
I don't like to be inhibited by format so whether I play with a band or acoustic its all the same in principle.

Your music is undeniably filled with nostalgia, a few people I've shown your music to were pretty shocked when I told them that the songs are from 2008, and not from the 50s/ 60s.What artists/bands do you draw inspiration from? And, is it mostly older artists from the 50s and 60s or does modern music influence you as well?

I'm influenced mainly by my present surroundings and my inner visions and inspirations.

Its no secret I don't listen to much contemporary music but not because of any vintage or retro ideal like is always misunderstood. I dislike both those terms. I just reach for quality and substance at all costs and things that are more real. Content over style or form. To be closer to the earth and to know its me down on that piece of music I'm hearing played back to me in a studio control room or on a piece of plastic. Its not just the music though. A true artist must cultivate the authentic. That's what's truly original and timeless. I just find more art more often in Films from the past, most writing, novels, poetry, songs, painting, acting... if I were to have a car it would probably be an old jag and I use a fountain pen, an old typewriter and an open razor. Anything I can find more substance in or get closer to the spirit of things I will do it. It brings you closer to the truth of things and makes things more timeless. I couldn't really care if that is from the 40's, 50's, 60's or whenever. That's all myth. I'm pleased to be a human now. Its all an illusion and smoke and mirrors and its breaking that down that brings us closer together. Time only exists in the human realm and the true spirit of creativity and art exists way beyond this world. Beyond the intellect and emotions.   

Richard Hawley once said "Pete Molinari could sing the f*****g Yellow Pages and make it sound cool", a both amusing and in my opinion precise comment. Have you ever thought about actually doing it? You know, just to prove to Hawley that you actually could, perhaps in a video?

I think we all no what Richard meant by that kind statement and what he was trying to say. He's a sincere and honest soul so it really meant something to me coming from him. I'm sure if I had to sing a book I'd personally choose something other than the yellow pages though.

Now that 'A Train Bound For Glory' is out for the public to listen too, what does next year look like for you? A lot of touring I assume?

I have been touring since 'A Train Bound For Glory' came out in June and will continue to play shows of course. I like being close to the people. Its being close to the people that brings about change and a change is going to come believe me. Not just in music and art. But in all areas of life we will see A brighter tomorrow. Transmission meditation and a sharing in these energies. The key is "To thine own self be true"

I am writing and recording so next year will see more music and another Album and a Novel and a collection of Poetry and Lyrics.

Lastly is there anything you wish to say to Norwegian Fans and soon to be fans?

Well... Welcome... I believe a change is going to come. A brighter future. Leading to events that will fundamentally alter life as we know it. The only way to be bring about this change is we all need to share more and bring one closer to another. A new age is dawning. We still have a separate world however we look at it. The result of which is a world divided as never before. East and West, North and South, Rich and Poor, communist and capitalist following its own ideal to the end convinced there's is the answer for humanity. We need goodwill and peace to govern human affairs. How long can people stand aside and watch the slaughter and hunger of millions? It is a crime of separation. The worst thing anyone can do is to do nothing.

Without goodwill there can never be any justice in the world. No justice, no peace, no world. We don't live in this world. We are the world. One humanity. One civilisation. Those that have there hearts open will hear my voice and those that look for signs will see them...

Se Pete Molinari live på en av disse datoene:
13th - Feelgood, Halden

14th - Hulen, Bergen

15th - Folken, Stavanger

16th - Cafe Moody, Haugesund
17th - Herr Nilsen, Oslo
19th - Credo, Trondheim
20th - Blaarock, Tromso

Og med det var intervjuet ferdig, trykk på videoen under for å høre låten Streetcar Named Desire, fra hans nye album A Train Bound For Glory. Herlig låt.

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